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Some people are asking "Who is Roman Haas?" My answer is: "He is my friend and a music composer who deserves his own website." Roman agreed to the website being created. The visitor can download here free of charge material related to all of Roman’s piano compositions. What Roman enjoys most is when people like his piano compositions and when they play them.


Music and Roman make a couple. He is not an ordinary composer. He is mainly a teacher. For children he is opening a door to the world of music. Roman composes his music, in particular, for his musician friends, such as the violoncellist Petr Nouzovský, violinist Kristina Fialová, violinist Jiří Vodička, pianist Lukáš Klánský, Adéla + Markéta + Eva of the Puella Trio and the conductor of The Atlantis Orchestra, Vítězslav Podrazil. They are top performers, moving Roman Haas’s compositions into the musical firmament.


Lovers of contemporary classical music, welcome!

Roman Elner